Roaring Social Lives On


With a whispered secret password (speaking easy so as not to be overheard), doors opened to a world where whiskey and moonshine flowed freely and prohibition was nothing but a dirty word.

Live music and dancing filled the air inside the bar and, except for the shady characters who brought in alcohol under the cover of darkness, Roaring Social brought exuberance, entertainment, and good times.


With a nod to its infamous past, revelers enter the respectable storefront of RoSo Clothiers. Those in the know will find the secret password, a password opening an unassuming door to unexpected delights. As you sink into velvet sofas, taking in the impeccable surroundings, you’ll swear you hear the whispered conversations, laughter, and strains of music of a bygone era. Surrounded by opulence and world-class style, you’ll discover to your surprise that the pleasures of the past are present today.

a black and gold pattern
Glasses hanging clean at our alpharetta bar

Craft Cocktails

Our craft cocktails are an experience unto themselves. With recipes kept under lock and key, the specialty drink menu mesmerizes. The presentation captivates with extensive whiskey offerings and customized smoked cocktails. No bathtub gin allowed.

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Speakeasy Dining

You may have slipped in for the forbidden ambiance, but you’ll stay for the inspired menu with one dish more delicious than the next. Small plates and shareables make for memorable experiences. (We cannot confirm nor deny that a row may have ensued when a table of six was faced with the last prawn.)