It Started With An Attitude

Roaring Social started as an attitude. Life should be fun and memorable. Roaring Social is all that and more, created as an unequalled destination where friends, family, and cohorts come together to experience the unexpected and the unforgettable. Through masterful concepting and design, we’ve created an unmatched celebration of food, drink, entertainment, and more.

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Founded from Inspiration

Roaring Social founder Neal Freeman believes in celebrating life (often with a toast involved). His vision of bringing people together to create lasting memories brought the inspired concept of Roaring Social into being. Neal’s hope is that you'll remember the time you spend with us and the people you spend it with fondly.

By the way, Robert and Sophia — proprietors of the original Roaring Social whose dancing bronze outside captures their love of life — come from the imagination of Neal Freeman. But really, who’s to say? It was a secret, was it not?

About Competitive Social Ventures

Competitive Social Ventures, LLC is a real estate holding company with a mission to create one-of-a-kind, best-in-class venues — defined by an inclusive, innovative, and high-quality environment — for competitive fun, socializing, and memory-making.