Boutique Downtown Alpharetta Restaurant

Small Plates — Big Taste

It’s a good thing Roaring Social enjoys its secret downtown hideaway status or the clamoring at the door would be too much. Each and every restaurant menu item is a flavor sensation worthy of a sinfully delicious locale. Chef-inspired, decadence-driven, and unforgettable, our menu is filled with unexpected delights. Small plates and sharables honor the Alpharetta speakeasy lifestyle and are meant to be passed around the table. Laughter and good times abound with stories that remain long after the meal is done.

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Cocktails as an Art Form

The speakeasy came into being as a place where people could get an honest illegal drink. That being said, our collection of signature cocktails (and yours — more on that later), are a tribute to that venerable potion — hard liquor. With a modern spin on the best of an era, the Old Fashioned, Gin Rickey, and Sidecar are just a few of the delectable options making a decided comeback. Pick your poison. They are all delicious at our boutique bar in Alpharetta.

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